Consulting by Gary

I know the website isn't much to look at now, but there's an old mechanic's saying that best explains the reason why.

Mechanics always drive the worst cars because they are so busy fixing everyone else's, they never have time to work on their own.
Like a mechanic, I've been so busy putting other people's websites together that I haven't had time to do much with this site. So, this will have to suffice for now. Below I've placed links to sites that I have had a hand in developing in some way, be it design, functional programming or just maintaining site content. I work at home in my spare time, which is usually evenings and weekends. I'm not a big, fancy company with lots of specialists. Just me, myself and I. Some of the sites have changed hands and I no longer maintain them, so they will not have active links anymore. If you like any of the sites I've had a hand in, let me know. If you need a site or have a project coming up that I may be able to help you with let me know. Thanks for stopping by. - Gary


A.C.T. Video Productions, Inc. (

A.C.T. Web Video (

Bioclear Matrix by Dr. David Clark (

Clark Dental Group (

Duris Concessions, Inc. (

Stroke Enders (

Visitation Church (

Team Aero Services (

Woon's Healing Arts (

Need-A-Lift Forklift Services LLC (